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When traveling by way of farming parts on the leading street you will often receive the homestead on cb above uhf as that will be in array of in the transmission of your respective auto, When you've got a twin band uhf or uhf/vhf transiever hand held these are definitely ham radio and do require a ham radio license if you are utilizing ham bands or not...

The Neatest thing you can do is put out a call on ch35 for just a minute after which you can say which channel you're switching to and any DX will comply with. The dolts will remain on 35.

Link it nearly an outdated gutter mount whip or station disaster and pay attention to ch35 LSB or for anyone who is trapped on AM, I would look at seeking calling on ch16 or ch34.

Real, BUT I had normally thaught the five/8, then the ½ waves, with there theoretical groundwave array, have been suggest't to become improved for DX compared to ¼wave with its greater on the sky but much less groundwave range???

Search back by way of this thread. You can find the PIC digiscan which i read more wrote as well as supply code is freely Top 5 Gadgets Amazon 2018 offered utilizing essentially a PIC16F877 and an LCD Exhibit.

Certainly I would have considered 100 watts a more sensible determine, but , meh what at any time. I have never fulfilled an F phone yet who actually abides by that.

On condition that your spot is Victoria, I'm attempting to figure out how deep you had to bury your antenna to realize that.

25W FM on VHF/UHF and about 20-50W pX. If there is certainly a challenge, just shut it down and give me or anyone else a phone that can help deal with it.

The biggest ducting occasion I've knowledgeable was BEL01->SYD01 by way of Newcastle1. Anybody who could strike any of your 3 could hit Each of the three at the same time. That was a extend of around 400km connected up by ducting and the sole time I've read the idiots on SYD01 simmer down and pay attention/speak sensibly.

With magic mojo you might lengthen your variety past ten km with modify of the antenna head you the sole way you will get previous ten km is if you have a ham radio.

Just within the CB aspect of it, I've a mint GE "B" product 40 channel in original box. Could give that a run once the vertical is reconnected

That is the most misinformed load of sh.. I've read all 7 days. here I am an active member on the Group and regularly on HF.

Given that your area is Victoria, I'm wanting to workout how deep you had to bury your antenna to attain that.

Ch9 is definitely the unexpected emergency channel the two there and below. Ch8 was the truckies channel below and ch19 remains to be applied in excess of there by truckers.

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